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Want to access the top Jewish Media professionals in North America with the click of a button?

Partner with AJPA to build your business and keep Jewish media a thriving and vibrant part of Jewish life in north American and beyond.

The American Jewish Press Association offers year-round access to members and readership through sponsorships and advertising. Get connected through customized access and exposure by picking a package from the available sponsor offerings.

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Presenting Sponsor opportunity for AJPA's 2024 Conference!

This exclusive offering is our highest level sponsorship and includes a host of benefits outlined here. If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact AJPA's Executive Director Desirae Barquin at 480-403-4602.

Register as a sponsor today by contacting AJPA headquarters at (480) 403-4602. The sooner you get your commitment in, the earlier and longer your logo will be displayed on the conference website and in all conference marketing.

We look forward to your support in making this year’s conference a success!

A past sponsor, whose benefits surrounded AJPA’s Annual Conference, commented:

The conference was a success for me. Here is a list of positives that I took from the meeting.

          • I was able to make face to face contact with three publishers that were interested in receiving quotations from our sales team.
          • I was able to disseminate the attendee contact list to our national sales team and update them on who I spoke with for ease of prospecting.
          • I was able to meet publishers that currently print elsewhere and learn how they feel about that relationship.
          • I was able to see actual products on display of various publications nationwide, this enabled me to gauge print quality and learn what formats are successful and how they match up to our production capabilities.
          • I was able to personally thank current clients for their business and take their pulse on how we are servicing their account.
          • I made contact with a new owner/publisher a paper who was not in attendance at the conference but I was told of her new purchase by attendees at the conference.
          • I found the sessions to be very interesting as they provided a window into the business concerns of our customers which is valuable.

As you can see the convention produced good intelligence about our customers, enabled us to make face to face contact with customers and promote our organization, and it produced business opportunities.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities contact AJPA's Executive Director, Desirae Barquin, 480-403-4602.

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